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2019 研究成果

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N. Nishimura, S. Nakayama, A. Horiuchi, M. Kumoda, T. Miyatake “Reversible Aggregation of Chlorophyll Derivative Induced by Phase Transition of Lipid Bilayers” Langmuir 2019, 35, 7242–7248

Y. Shimizu, M. Otowaki, K. Shirai, M. Ohyanagi “Consistency between the experimental formation entropy of MgH2 and the spectroscopic entropy based on the third law of thermodynamics” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2019, 811, 152062

D. Tawara, K Nagura. “Prediction of Bone Quality of Remodeling Trabeculae Using Multi-Scal Stress Analysis with A Homogenization Technique Reflecting Material Anisotropy” International Journal of Applied Mechanics. 2019, 11(6), DOI: 10.1142/S1758825119500558.

S. Nakata, T. Maeda, T. Wada “Crystallographic and optical properties of (Cu1-xLix)2SnS3 photovoltaic semiconductor” Physica Status Solidi (a) 2019, 216, (15), 1800889 

S. Noda, Y. Yokoi, C. Moriyoshi, Y. Kuroiwa, I. Fujii, T. Wada “Structural Fluctuation of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 in Cubic Phase” Jpn. J. App. Phys. 2019, 58, SLLA06

K. Beppu, Y. Iida, H. Adachi, I. Fujii, T. Wada “Fabrication of an antiferroelectric NaNbO3-CaZrO3 film on (001)SrTiO3 substrate by pulsed laser deposition” Jpn. J. App. Phys. 2019, 58, SLLB05

K. Beppu, S. Yamazoe, A. Yamada, K. Nitta, T. Uruga, T. Wada “Structural analysis of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-films by depth-resolved XAFS”, Jpn. J. App. Phys. 2019, 58, 105502

I. Fujii, K. Hirai, T. Imai, T. Wada “Fabrication of [Li0.05(K0.5Na0.5)0.95]NbO3 transparent ceramics using conventional sintering technique” J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn. 2019, 127, 905-911

松田時宜, 梅田鉄馬, 加藤雄太, 西本大貴, 杉崎澄生, 古田 守, 木村 睦「レアメタルフリー Ga-Sn-O 材料の薄膜トランジスタへの応用」電子情報通信学会論文誌 C 2019, J102-C (11),  305-311(招待論文)

A. Kurasaki, R. Tanaka, S. Sugisaki, T. Matsuda, D. Koretomo, Y. Magar, M. Furuta, M. Kimura “Memristive Characteristic of an Amorphous Ga-Sn-O Thin-Film Device with Double Layers of Different Oxygen Density”  Materials 2019, 12(19), 3236

M. Kimura “Emerging Applications using Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Devices” Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 2019,58(9), 090503(STAP Reviews)

M. Kimura “Sensor Applications of Thin-Film Devices originating in Display Technologies” J. SID 2019, 27, (12), 741-756

M. Kimura, K. Umeda, K. Ikushima, T. Hori, R. Tanaka, J. Shimura, A. Kondo, T. Tsuno, S. Sugisaki, A. Kurasaki, K. Hashimoto, T. Matsuda, T. Kameda, Y. Nakashima “Neuromorphic System with Crosspoint-type Amorphous Ga-Sn-O Thin-Film Devices as Self-Plastic Synapse Elements” ECS Trans. 2019, 90(1), 157-166

M. Inoue, S. Kamiguchi, K. Ugawa, S. Hkiri, J. Bouffard, D. Sémeril, T. Iwasawa “Evaluation of Catalytic Capability of cis- and trans-Diquinoxaline Spanned Cavitands” European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 36, 6261-6268.

M. Inoue, Y. Fujii, Y. Matsumoto, T, Iwasawa “Inherently Chiral Cavitand Curvature: Diastereoselective Oxidation of Tethered Allylsilanes” European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 34, 5862-5874.

Y. Fujii, Y. Tamura, N. Hashimoto, N. Endo, T. Iwasawa “Stereo-defined Synthetic Route to (E)- and (Z)-Tamoxifen Derived from (E)-1-Bromo-2-iodoalkenes” ChemistrySelec 2019, 4 (9), 2721-2725.

T. Iwasawa “Cavitand-driven Metal-catalyst Systems for Selective Transformation.” Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry 2019, 77 (1), 40-48. 

H. Mayama, T. Nishino, A. Sekiguchi, R. Nishimura, K. Uchida, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, Y. Nonomura, “Theoretical Consideration of Wetting in Cassie-Baxter State on Multi-Pillar and Multi-Hole Surfaces: Thermodynamics and Laplace Pressure” Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 2019, 32(2), 279-285

R. Nishimura, H. Mayama, Y. Nonomura, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, K. Uchida “Crystal Growth Technique for Formation of Double Roughness Structures Mimicking Lotus Leaf” Langmuir 2019, 35 (43), 14124-14132. (Outside back cover picture)

L. Kono, Y. Nakagawa, A. Fujimoto, R. Nishimura, Y. Hattori, T. Mutai, N. Yasuda, K. Koizumi, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, K. Uchida “Aggregation-induced emission effect on turn-off fluorescent switching of a photochromic diarylethene” Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 15, 2204-2212

R. Nishimura, A. Fujimoto, N. Yasuda, M. Morimoto, T. Nagasaka, H. Sotome, S. Ito, H. Miyasaka, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, B. L. Feringa, K. Uchida “Object Transportation System Mimicking the Cilia of Paramecium aurelia Making Use of the Light-Controllable Crystal Bending Behavior of a Photochromic Diarylethene” Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2019, 58(38), 13308-13312. (Selected as “Hot Paper” and cover picture) (Highlighted in ChemistryViews, October 15, 2019)

R. Nishimura, K. Hyodo, H. Mayama, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, K. Uchida “Dual wettability on diarylethene microcrystalline surface mimicking a termite wing” Communications Chemistry 2019, 2, 90.

T. Tsujioka, S. Matsumoto, K. Yamamoto, M. Dohi, Y. Lin, S. Nakamura, S. Yokojima, K. Uchida “Surface molecular kinetics on the outermost layer characterized by nucleation of Mg-vapor atoms” Applied Surface Science 2019, 490, 309-317

K. Hyodo, G. Hasegawa, H. Maki, K. Uchida “Deacetylative Amination of Acetyl Arenes and Alkanes with C-C Bond Cleavage” Organic Letters 2019, 21 (8), 2818-2822

Y. Nakagawa, M. Morimoto, N. Yasuda, K. Hyodo, S. Yokojima, S. Nakamura, K. Uchida “Photosalient Effect of Diarylethene Crystals of Thiazoyl and Thienyl Derivatives” Chemistry – A European Journal 2019, 25, 7874-7880. (Selected as “Hot Paper” and “cover picture”)

Y. Hattori, E. Michail, A. Schemiedel, M. Moos, M. Holzapfel, I. Krummenacher, H. Braunschweig, U. Müller, J. Pflaum, C. Lambert “Luminescent Mono-, Di-, and Triradicals: Bridging Polychlorinated Triarylmethyl Radicals by Triarylamines and Triarylboranes” Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 15463-15471

T. Kawauchi, K. Ohnishi, K. Kajihara, M. Kawauchi, T. Takeichi “Polymer Alloying of Helical Syndiotactic PMMA with [60]Fullerene-End-Capped Polymers through Inclusion Complex Formation of the Helical Cavity with Fullerene” Macromolecules 2019, 52, 5067-5073 (Selected as “Front Cover”)

M. Liu, T. Kawauchi, T. Iyoda, P. Piotrowiak “Vibrational Cooling in Oligomeric Viologens of Different Sizes and Topologies” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2019, 123, 1847-1854

T. Nakaoki, J. Yasui, T. Komaeda “Biosynthesis of P3HBV-b-P3HB-b-P3HBV triblock copolymer by R. eutropha” Journal of Polymers and the Environment 2019, 27, 2720-2727



内田欣吾「ホッとひといき『生物の不思議を光で再現する」」応用物理, 2019, 88 (10), 686-689.

西村涼, 内田欣吾「光照射により可逆的に生成する超撥水性表面と超親水性表面」塗装工学, 2019, 54 (1), 20-31.

内田欣吾, 子供の化学「コカトピ」に特集,  2019, 7月号



M.Ohyanagi, Spark Plasma Sintering, G. Cao, C. Estournes, J. Garay, R. Orru, Eds., Chapter 5 “Simultaneous transformation and consolidation of stacking-sequence disordered SiC without sintering additives”,Elsevier, 2019, 127-152(ISBN: 9780128177440) 



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